JOIN THE CLUB: Tasty and healthy vegan food delivered to your Spanish doorstep

join the club tasty and healthy vegan food delivered to your spanish doorstep

Q. Tell us about Vegan Food Club. How it all started?

A. First of all, thanks for having me. I come from a vegetarian family in India. Ever since I was little, I have only eaten vegetarian food. India is a paradise for veggie lovers. The sheer amount of variety in vegetables is overwhelming. I still wonder how Hindus and later Jain communities, consciously decided to turn vegetarian thousands of years ago. After my travels around the world, I noticed such ancient religions like the Incas from Peru or Jains from India, had one thing in common and that is their love for nature and environment. So having this legacy and love for cooking in my family helped me a lot.

But the main inspiration has always been my mother, Sandhya, who is a vegan by choice. And here in Europe, we never had a decent vegan meal. It was always either vegan burger or pizza or something similar. You see, European cuisine isn’t easy to be made into vegan. Which is why we see so many new food tech startups trying to recreate a vegan or rather plant-based version of meat. So I wanted to change the playing field for the vegan meals industry. My love for the taste of Indian cuisine and the health factor of Mediterranean cuisine have come together in the form of a meal subscription…

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