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Make It Vegan? At New Williamsburg Hole In The Wall, That’s Always On The Menu

When Barry Dry opened his first “Hole in the Wall” restaurant it was a literal hole in the wall.  “Originally the first imprint was 200 sq feet. It was more coffee focused. As we grew it’s become much more food focused.”

With multiple locations, including FiDi and Murray Hill, opening in just the last few years, the expansions have been steady but not necessarily slow. Not a restauranteur initially, Barry Dry laughs, “I was in finance before and I came over.”

While the FiDi location is mostly known for a breakfast and lunch crowd, the Williamsburg spot will focus on daytime service until they acquire a liquor license. Seasonal menu changes at every location maintain that each Hole In The Wall retains slightly different and unique feel. The whole point, Barry Dry affirms, is to keep the neighborhood’s focus intact. 

So what makes the new Williamsburg location special?

“This is our first Brooklyn venture and that’s exciting in itself. All our other lactions are in the city but it’s exciting to get into a residential neighborhood, so with everyone working from home it’s a bit more return to normal situation compared to the other which are a bit slower.” 

The OG Burger from Hole In The Wall comes with a Beyond Meat or classic burger.

Hole In The Wall

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