Making Salads Even Greener: Just Salad Is Bringing Zero-Waste Dining Into The Mainstream

making salads even greener just salad is bringing zero waste dining into the mainstream

Just Salad, a chain of fast-casual restaurants is working to create a zero-waste dining experience

Just Salad

When most of us think of salads, we think of healthy meals that use fresh ingredients, like greens and tomatoes. But even healthy meals can have an unhealthy impact on the planet. Global food systems, including restaurants and their food supply chains, account for about a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Just Salad is a chain of fast-casual restaurants working to create a zero-waste dining experience, both in-store and through its deliveries. The restaurant has launched numerous sustainability and zero-waste initiatives, such as its reusable bowl program and its carbon-labeled menu. It hopes that others in the food industry, and beyond, will adopt these practices.

“The bigger philosophical point I’m making is why can’t this zero-waste and reusable infrastructure also go mainstream in one of the most common of all human experiences, which is eating food and ordering it?” says Sandra Noonan, Chief Sustainability Officer at Just Salad. “So we’re trying to build that infrastructure and push the circular economy to the mainstream…

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