Meet The Breakout Entrepreneurs Who Are Resetting The Food Industry While Under 30 Years Old

meet the breakout entrepreneurs who are resetting the food industry while under 30 years old

The 2021 Forbes Food & Drink 30 Under 30 list highlights up-and-coming superstars from the worlds of restaurants, packaged food, alcohol, recipe development and ag tech who have persevered despite the odds.

y the time the pandemic hit U.S. soils this year, the 27-year old cofounders behind PathSpot, Christine Schindler and Dutch Waanders, had been working for three years on their hand scanner that instantly detects harmful, invisible contaminants that spread through improper hand washing in restaurants and cafeterias. Right place, right time. Sales surged this year, and the device has now scanned more than 3 million hands, protecting roughly 600,000 meals every day.

Schindler and Waanders, both biomedical engineers by training, are just two of the many young food entrepreneurs who have been delivering technology-based solutions to persistent food industry problems that have been exacerbated by Covid-19. Adam Guild, 21, is armed $3.5 million from The Chainsmokers, Redpoint Ventures and others, for his startup, Profitboss, which aims to help hundreds of independent restaurants survive the pandemic by powering their online ordering for free, so they don’t have to rely on apps like GrubHub and DoorDash which charge as much as 30% of each order. In addition, 28-year-olds Michael Ray Robinov & Anina von Haeften, run Farm To People, a direct-to-consumer online farmers market and grocery delivery service that counts more than 4,000 customers in New York City.

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