Mother’s Day Gift Guide: The Best High-Tech Kitchen Gadgets

mothers day gift guide the best high tech kitchen gadgets

A home cook is usually well-versed in the kitchen basics. She probably already has a skillet, maybe a toaster or coffee pot.

But there’s another level of kitchen prowess that could be at her fingertips. Show Mom she’s the best this Mother’s Day with a fun high-tech kitchen gift.


What is so cool about this take ($150) on the traditional Keurig is that it has the technology to save individual brewing preferences for multiple users. That means if she likes her coffee stronger than the other people in her household, the Keurig will remember. That’s more that can be said for many partners! This machine has various temperature and strength settings, and can do multiple brew sizes, depending on if she is going for a quick jolt or filling up her travel mug as she runs out the door.

Everyone is trying to boost their immune system wherever they can these days, and this juicer  ($55) can make homemade juice in seconds. This juicer can be assembled fast, and comes with an extra-large pulp bin. That means save time on prep and cutting, and just enjoy lots of fresh juice with all the nutrients…

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