Nicole Ponseca Is Bringing Filipino Food To Miami This December

nicole ponseca is bringing filipino food to miami this december

Nicole Ponseca will be bringing kamayan-style dinners, a communal meal, shared intimately with … [+] family and friends, spread over banana leaves– to Miami

Nicole Ponseca

I first met Nicole Ponseca in November 2016 in Manila. The New York-based Filipino-American restaurateur—founder and CEO of Jeepney and Maharlika, credited for crossing Filipino food over to the mainstream—was in town to speak at a conference organized by the Center for Culinary Arts-Manila (CCA), in honor of their 20th anniversary.

There, Nicole touched on the million-dollar question of why it has taken Filipino cuisine so long to take off, compared to its Asian counterparts. She attributed one of the key reasons to the Filipino ‘hiya’ culture—the sense of propriety, shame or shyness. “We are the only food culture that tricks people to eat our food,” she shared. “We call dinuguan [pork blood stew] ‘chocolate meat.’ The French don’t do that. They don’t call boudin noir ‘chocolate sausage;’ neither do the Spanish with morcilla. Can we please stop putting euphemisms on our food?”

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