Rachel Roddy’s recipe for coffee semifreddo | A kitchen in Rome

rachel roddys recipe for coffee semifreddo a kitchen in rome

Sumary of Rachel Roddy’s recipe for coffee semifreddo | A kitchen in Rome:

  • Also, coffee semifreddo, loosely based on a picture I saw years ago of something called la fetta moca, a log of milky, coffee-coloured iced cream with a slim, sponge cake base and a thin and delicate carapace of chocolate.
  • I have dreamed of making this pudding: how satisfying and beautiful it would be, how I would make a short film of Vincenzo pouring the chocolate over the top, and another of him cutting a slice.More than coffee, I would describe this as a cappuccino semifreddo, the shots of espresso softened by the cream and egg, then brought to life again by the icy shards.
  • Three tablespoons of caster sugar and one of icing sugar in with the cream makes for a not-too-sweet final result, but add another of caster if you have a sweet tooth.
  • Now the idea is to pour the melted chocolate over the set semifreddo, ease it down with a knife, so it covers the loaf like a satin cloak, then put it back in the freezer for another 30 minutes to set.
  • I may have screamed inside, but then I flicked off my worries like a pesky fly and flung myself into an imperfect and joyful summer pudding: cappuccino meets vanilla ice-cream, meets Viennetta, meets dark chocolate, meets Feast and Magnum magic shell topping I once begged for, meets summer.Chocolate-coated coffee semifreddoPrep 10 minCook 20 minFreeze 10 hr+ Serves 6-8120ml strong coffee (ie, 4 shots of espresso)3 egg yolks3 tbsp caster sugar400ml single or double cream1 tbsp icing sugar250g dark chocolate, broken50ml vegetable oilLine a loaf tin with clingfilm, then make the coffee and leave to cool.Using a balloon or electric whisk, beat the yolks and caster sugar until pale, fluffy and doubled in size.
  • Add the coffee bit by bit, stirring between each addition (this will thin the egg mixture).In another bowl, whisk the cream and icing sugar until it stands in stiff peaks.
  • Carefully and gently fold the cream into the egg/coffee mixture;

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