Rachel Roddy’s recipe for frittata with herbs, spring onion and pecorino | A kitchen in Rome

rachel roddys recipe for frittata with herbs spring onion and pecorino a kitchen in rome

“Tell us again,” we used to shout. So Dad would: the story of how he had a summer job driving an ice-cream van around Manchester, and that was how he met our mum. In the van he had packets of thin, crisp wafers for making ice-cream sandwiches and, as a time-passing snack, he would start at one corner and eat them with a racing-rabbit nibble, an irresistible image and idea if you are a kid. And if you are an adult, too. I am still hardwired to racing-rabbit nibble any wafer I touch, although the fancier the wafer, the less satisfying it is.

Almost as satisfying is a parsley stem nibble. But it has to be a fat, fleshy stem, and you have to nibble hard and fast, otherwise your teeth don’t cut through the cellulose and you send an indented stem down your throat like a doctor’s wooden stick.

The other day, my son pointed out that my stems were smelly. At first I had no idea what he was talking about. Then I realised he was referring to the jar near the sink containing a big bunch of flat-leaf parsley, its gangly stalks like teenage legs, that had been sitting in the same water for so long, the water had turned yellow, smelly and dank. It did cross my mind to bin the whole lot, but then I remembered that stinky stems have a satisfying remedy: a few seconds under a fast, cold tap, a quick trim and back into fresh water results in instant perkiness…

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