Rush Creek Lodge Offers Yosemite National Park’s Most Luxurious Spa Experiences

rush creek lodge offers yosemite national parks most luxurious spa experiences

Rush Creek Lodge

Rush Creek Lodge quietly debuted their one-of-a-kind spa earlier this year, but with travel slowly picking up again it’s time to officially re-announce the opening of the brand new 5,000 square foot Rush Creek Spa. This indoor and outdoor spa was specially designed to bring the beauty of Yosemite National Park into each luxe experience.

The innovative environment was inspired by Yosemite. This can be seen and felt within the massage offerings and creative spa activities, many of which incorporate warm water features reminiscent of the park’s many waterfalls, a cool mist room, heated stone lounge chairs inspired by the sun-warmed rocks of the park, and a sensory room with special light, sound, heat and scent.

Rush Creek Lodge

Rush Creek Spa was imagined by Spa and Wellness Manager Gigi Richardson and designed by well-known San Francisco Bay Area designer Anthony Laurino. Inside the stunning spa are natural elements, neutral tones and a warm color palette that nods to the beauty of the park itself.

“When we were designing Rush Creek Lodge, we always thought guests would really enjoy a spa experience as a perfect complement to a day exploring Yosemite’s great outdoors…

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