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Systems Support Of Global Wine Online: Exploring The Case Study Of Wine Australia And Accela

Buying wine online, and enjoying it with friends and colleagues (also, largely, online), has morphed into something nearly unrecognizable from the status quo even a year ago.

By this point, that statement comes as no surprise.

What’s worth teasing out further, however, is an understanding of the processes that make today’s online wine ecosystem a reality in the global sense. For a deeper dive into one of those processes, I interviewed Khaled Jaouni, Dubai-based International Managing Director at Accela, a technology services company that is best known for its digital services delivery to government entities around the world.

Accela teamed up with DWS to create a new digital management tool for Wine Australia, the federal agency that regulates the Australian wine industry. The new tool manages all permitting, labeling and shipments in order to allow exporters to apply online for licenses and certificates including real-time application review and online payments with access 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It’s a big lift for a big business. Australia is the fifth largest wine exporter in the world, with approximately 60 percent of its production going into export sales. The new system is expected to regulate more than 200,000 transactions from three thousand exporters across the country per year.

Here are four takeaways from my conversation with Jaouni that highlight best practices during the partnership and development of the system, which is poised to smooth the transition of Australian wineries into an increasingly demanding online world.



A Mindset of Continuous Improvement

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