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Take hot chocolate to the next level

With the days growing colder and al fresco dining still the norm, bars and restaurants are likely to offer more hot cocktails on their menus. One cold-weather treat is spiked hot chocolate — a drink just as warming when made at home.

For David Kaplan, co-founder of bar group Death & Co, sipping hot cocoa brings him back to his childhood in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. “You get off the mountain after a day of skiing and have a hot chocolate and comfort food to bring you back to life,” said Kaplan, who in those days drank strictly Swiss Miss.

The boozy version, he said, “is one of those things that’s so fun because there’s still a slight level of sophistication while being completely comfortable and nostalgic. The sophistication comes with how geeky you are with the chocolate and how it’s prepared.”

Will Talbott, bar manager at the Standard High Line hotel, prefers to use Valrhona, a premium French chocolate. The 66% dark chocolate pellets he uses are “bitter but not too bitter, sweet but not too sweet,” he said.

Brad Thomas Parsons, author of several spirits books, likes to add a splash of Braulio, an amaro made in the Italian Alps. The liqueur’s “warming aromatics and distinctive taste instantly evokes an apres ski sensation,” Parsons wrote in an email.

Kaplan and Talbott share their favorite recipes for a boozy hot chocolate. Don’t forget the whipped cream.

Recipe: Night Watch

(From David Kaplan)

Yield: 1 drink, with ganache left for many more

1 ounce (30 milliliters) Del Maguey Chichicapa Mezcal

0.5 ounces (15 milliliters) Clear Creek Pear Brandy

1 teaspoon Green Chartreuse

0.5 ounces (15 milliliters) Demerara sugar syrup

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