Taming The Flame: A Grilling Refresher On Controlling The Heat

taming the flame a grilling refresher on controlling the heat

An aged steak being cooked on the grill over direct heat Photo by SIMON SCHLUTER.

Fairfax Media via Getty Images

It’s the month of May and if you are a seasonal griller, this is the month that you take your grill out of storage, clean it off, and get grilling!

There are only a few fundamentals that you need to know to make you a great griller. The first is knowing the difference between Direct and Indirect heat and when to use it—and that is what we are reviewing in this column.  

Grilling 101 Primer:  Direct and Indirect heat on a gas and a charcoal grill

The key to great grilling is Indirect heat. I always tell people that once they understand the difference between Direct and Indirect heat and when to use it, that they will embrace Indirect heat. In fact, I use Indirect heat at least 80% of the time that I use my grill.  Below is a quick and easy definition of the two major different grilling methods*:

Direct Heat [Cooking] means that you put the food directly over the heat source—similar to broiling in your oven.

Indirect Heat [Cooking] means that the heat is on either side of the food and the burners are turned off under the food—similar to roasting and baking…

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