The Best Apple Galette Gets A Kick From Plantation Isle Of Fiji Rum

the best apple galette gets a kick from plantation isle of fiji rum

This Rum-Spiked Apple Galette gets a flavor boost from a splash of Plantation Isle of Fiji Rum.

Elizabeth Karmel

I have long cooked with booze.  It makes everything taste better and adds layers of flavor to foods from sweet to savory. 

From my repertoire, there are dishes that I make over and over again.  One of them is a chunky applesauce that is spiked with Cognac and finished with a smidge of butter for richness. It is my version of the filling for a French apple tart that I learned from my mother who learned it from Julia Child. I’ve adapted the recipe so it is not too sweet for accompanying meats but sweet enough to use as a filling for desserts. I serve the applesauce with grilled pork tenderloin and ham, and use it as a filling in tarts and various apple pastries.  It never disappoints.  

I hadn’t made it in quite a while, or even thought about it until I was doing a rum tasting with the charming and prolific Alexandre Gabriel. Alexandre is the owner and master blender of Plantation Rum as well as Ferrand Cognac, Citadelle gin, and Mathilde liqueurs.  As someone who loves all things bourbon, whisky, Cognac and tequila, I was woefully uneducated about Rum…

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