The Best Pandemic Pivot Yet: The Pub That Turned Its Parking Lot Into A Plant Shop

the best pandemic pivot yet the pub that turned its parking lot into a plant shop

When provincial restrictions put a stop to indoor dining in March, the Joseph Richard Group got … [+] creative, and opened a pop-up plant shop in the parking lot of one of its pubs.

Photo Courtesy Joseph Richard Group

Imagine spending two years preparing to open a new pub, feeling out the right time to launch amid a pandemic, and then learning just two weeks after doing so that regulators are about to shut down all indoor dining. This was the reality for Livelyhood, a pub in Port Moody, BC operated by the Joseph Richard Group, which opened in mid-March.

Co-owner and co-founder Ryan Moreno says he had high hopes for the pub at opening, which his team named Livelyhood to reflect the sense of fun in the trendy, up-and-coming suburb of Vancouver. The hospitality group runs about a dozen pubs, restaurants, and liquor stores in the Greater Vancouver area, all of which have been affected by the waves of Covid restrictions. When Moreno learned of the recent plan to shut down indoor dining, he knew it was time for his team to get creative.

Restrictions Tough On An ‘Already Suffering’ Industry

On March 29th, as a precaution to slow the spread of Covid-19 during a third wave and amid a slow vaccine rollout, all restaurants, pubs and bars in British Columbia were forced to close their indoor dining sections…

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