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The best torrezno tapa and other irresistible ones

Sumary of The best torrezno tapa and other irresistible ones:

  • Without leaving behind its origins as a dish for transhumant shepherds, the Torreznos de Soria have conquered the best palates and entered through the front door in national and international haute cuisine restaurants.
  • By:Cristina Acebal Cottage Cheese and Torrezno Tart, Torrezno Cannelloni stuffed with brandade, Marinated Torrezno or with flavors from Japan; Torrezno de Soria has once again given something to talk about.
  • A conference that has been held in the province and in which more than twenty establishments have once again demonstrated their creativity when it comes to inventing original tapas based on their energy bars, as they call them.
  • In the new edition of the Jornadas del Torrezno de Soria, a total of 22 tapas with unusual shapes and textures, surprising pairings with fish or shellfish, in cakes or sweet dishes, in deconstructions, in a cocktail glass or as fun trompe l’oeil and at a price of 2.5 euros each.

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