This Entrepreneur Wants You To Drink Your Meditation

this entrepreneur wants you to drink your meditation

Every morning for the past seven years Aisha Chottani has started her day with a 10-minute meditation. As the creator of the meditation drink aptly called Moment, it doesn’t come as a surprise.

Entrepreneur Aisha Chottani hopes to make meditation more accessible with her wellness drink Moment, … [+] which she launched in June, 2020.


Launched last June with her husband Faheem Kajee, the buzzing beverage brand has quickly steeped her in the wellness drinks industry. But the idea was born in a very different space—the offices of McKinsey, where Chottani describes long hours and non-stop days. “When I’d need to calm down and take a moment in the afternoon, I’d have something sugary or caffeinated, but it wouldn’t help me get through the day,” Chottani tells Forbes. Instead, she tried swapping her mid-afternoon pick-me-up for adaptogens and meditation and noticed a marked shift in her mental health, “my ability to concentrate, be creative—I was a completely different person,” she says. “I realized it’s not caffeine that gets you focused, you need a calm mind to be able to think clearly—that’s when you can be at your best…

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