This Restaurant Serves A Flight Of Steaks Sourced From Around The World

this restaurant serves a flight of steaks sourced from around the world

Take your taste buds on a trip around the world with this trio of strip steak, sourced from Japan, Australia and America.

CUT at 45 Park Lane imports beef from around the world, including the US, Japan, and Australia.

CUT at 45 Park Lane

Wolfgang Puck’s CUT at 45 Park Lane is known as one of London’s swankiest steakhouses, famed for importing the best cuts of beef from all around the world. From pasture-grazed Premium Black Angus by Kansas’ celebrated Creekstone Farms to painfully rich and pure A5 Wagyu from Japan’s Kagoshima prefecture and even English Wagyu sourced closer to home at Earl Stonham Farm in Suffolk, CUT at 45 Park Lane has left no corner of the globe unexplored (nor spared any expense) in the quest for the very best in beef.

CUT 45 at Park Lane serves a steak tasting, comprised of three prime cuts

The Dorchester Collection

The finest way to appreciate CUT’s varied and nuanced offering is via a side-by-side tasting: Enter the Tasting of New York Sirloin. Made up of three strip steaks [American Black Angus (4oz); Australian Wagyu reared in Queensland (3oz); and Japanese Wagyu (3oz)], this curated collection of ultra-luxe beef highlights the best from each of the three geographic regions, from the tender, superior flavor of the Black Angus and the buttery, beefiness of the Australian Wagyu to the unbeatable umami-punch of the Wagyu from Japan…

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