Three Unforgettable Culinary Experiences In Puerto Vallarta Resorts

three unforgettable culinary experiences in puerto vallarta resorts

A sunset dining experience at the Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa.

Bronwyn Knight

For those that have yet to visit, Puerto Vallarta is a seaside gem that’s more than just your typical resort town. Located on Mexico’s Pacific coast, PV is situated alongside the Sierra Madre Mountains making for stunning landscapes that bring together epic, rugged mountains with beautiful, sparkling shores of the ocean. Widely recognized as of the friendliest cities to visit, PV has managed to stay true to its roots and remains a town filled with local culture, historic buildings, upheld traditions and artisanal arts and crafts.

From the popular Malecon boardwalk to the cosmopolitan Romantic Zone to the historic Old Town, it’s an authentically Mexican destination that has something unique for everyone. Gastronomy, art, nightlife and stunning natural beauty are just a few of the things that should entice you to come one day when you feel ready to travel.

For those specifically looking for unique, customizable dining options a number of resorts are offering unique culinary experiences worth the trip. The following three experiences are expertly curated by hospitality experts looking to make your stay as safe, clean and as enjoyable as possible…

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