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what can i do with wild garlic kitchen aide

Apart from pesto, what else can I make with wild garlic? Christine, Winchester

“Any serious cooking turns wild garlic into green slurry,” warns writer and gardener Mark Diacono. “Pesto suits it well, because it’s only just warmed through by the heat of the pasta.” So, faced with an abundance of the stuff, Christine needs dishes that require little or no cooking.

Thankfully, eggs welcome that kind of thinking, especially scrambled. “When you’ve got 15-20 seconds left of stirring, throw in shredded wild garlic and it will give itself in to the warmth of the eggs,” says Diacono, whose new book Herb: A Cook’s Companion is out this month. “That way, you’ll keep the green freshness and garlickiness, too, which is lovely.” Alternatively, toss shredded leaves into herby chopped eggs. While chives and tarragon may seem the obvious go-tos for eggs, Diacono suggests parsley: “It works really well with wild garlic, especially if thrown into a mustardy mayonnaise to go with eggs on toast.”

Wild garlic makes a great finishing touch for the likes of risotto (shredded, then stirred in off the heat, Diacono says) and broths. “Use it like spinach,” says Robin Gill, chef-owner of Darby’s, Bermondsey Larder and Sorella in London…

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