What to do with excess egg whites or yolks | Kitchen aide

what to do with excess egg whites or yolks kitchen aide

Sumary of What to do with excess egg whites or yolks | Kitchen aide:

  • Whites are a friend to the sweet-toothed and often find their way into meringues.
  • First, a very clean bowl, then “make sure, with that first beating, that the whites are as stiff as hell;
  • You could also transform your whites into coconut macaroons – or, with the addition of chocolate, lemon juice and sugar – chocolate mousse.
  • In her latest book, Sugar, I Love You, she combines icing sugar, ground almonds, plain flour, baking powder and salt, mixes in coffee, egg whites and brown butter, and chills.
  • For “addictively crunchy” granola, the Guardian’s resident perfectionist Felicity Cloake adds beaten whites to her oat mix, or you could start the day with an egg white omelette, though be sure to throw a lot of flavour at it.
  • (Excess whites will also lighten whole-egg frittatas, omelettes or scrambles.

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