Why Chefs’ Claims To Serve Only “the Best” Of Everything Are Often Bogus

why chefs claims to serve only the best of everything are often bogus

Sumary of Why Chefs’ Claims To Serve Only “the Best” Of Everything Are Often Bogus:

  • [+] Agostini via Getty Images/De Agostini via Getty Images) De Agostini via Getty Images Some years ago I watched while the late French chef Joël Robuchon stood outside his namesake Paris restaurant with a vendor of raspberries.
  • Looking over the flats with the eye of an eagle, Robuchon said, “That one, not that, not that, yes, that one.
  • Mind you, vendors would not dare to bring a chef like Robuchon, whose restaurant then had three Michelin stars, anything but their absolute best.
  • Portrait du cuisinier français Joël Robuchon, en novembre 1993. (Photo by Daniel CZAP/Gamma-Rapho .
  • [+] via Getty Images) Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images I also once accompanied the late Tony Cortese, owner of Amerigo’s, one of the best Italian restaurants in New York, down to what was then the Meat Market District on Manhattan’s West Side (now occupied by boutiques and Millennials’ restaurants).
  • Both Robuchon and Cortese are gone, but I’d like to think their spirit lives on in demanding chefs and restaurateurs who truly want, seek out and pay for the best ingredients available.

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