10 Best Places To Visit In Madhya Pradesh In December

10 best places to visit in madhya pradesh in december

As the rising chill sun overcomes the monsoon clouds and reflects off the extensive Sanchi Stupa & the surrounding valley and monasteries, it paints the canvas with hues of green and blue. From the heritage synagogues to scenic landscapes & wildlife sanctuaries, the ‘Heart of India’ has it all. Be informed that every season is the best time to visit Madhya Pradesh, least of all winter. This article is written to let you know precisely why you should be visiting Madhya Pradesh in December, with the best places to visit in the ‘Heart of India’.

1. Sanchi Stupa

With a rich past associated with Sanchi, this city in Raisen district in Madhya Pradesh is definitely not to be missed on your trip. Believed to have erected in the 3rd century BCE, the building was constructed it the reign of the great ruler Ashoka of the Maurya Dynasty and is one of the most exceptional Buddhist shrines in India. Sanchi Stupa is surrounded by monasteries and Toranas (a free-standing ornamental or arched gateway) that offer a pleasant spiritual experience to all travellers. Also, make sure you stop by at the notable Archeological Museum in this area.

2. Dhauandhar Falls

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