10 Spooky Haunted Places In Turkey For The Curious Ghost Hunters!

10 spooky haunted places in turkey for the curious ghost hunters

Sumary of 10 Spooky Haunted Places In Turkey For The Curious Ghost Hunters!:

  • Turkey is one of the most beautiful and ancient places in the world with the connections from ancient Greece, Persia and Rome..
  • When it comes to the monuments and places to visit in Turkey, there are some places that have been declared haunted since a long time and people who have a thing for such places visit them from across the world..
  • There are many haunted places in Turkey and some real ghost stories from Turkey which people have been telling and listening to since a long time..
  • Top 10 Haunted Places In Turkey Here is the list of some of the most haunted places in Turkey which are a center of attraction for tourists all year long..
  • The Ghost Village Of Kayakoy This Ghost village is located at a short distance from the tourists resorts in Fethiye and Olu Deniz..
  • Topkapi Palace Topkapi Palace is although one of Turkey largest museums and one of the biggest tourist attractions but many of the visitors have reported the appearances of some strange ghostly apparitions..
  • The palace has a great collection of the ancient idols and grand architecture which tells the story of this place itself..
  • Many tourists visit the Topkapi Palace every year just to witness the historical architecture and the museum which has a great collection of things you would never want to miss..
  • Cemil Molla Mansion This haunted place in Turkey is very much famous for its haunted experience because many people claim to see ghost around this building..
  • People say that during the restoration, one of the workers lost his speech because he saw the haunted ghost at the working place..
  • 5.The Haunted Mansion It was built in 1911, the mansion is built with red bricks and big glass stainless window located at the European shore..
  • The construction of this place remains partially unfinished for a long time because according to the rumours, the workers who built the mansion claimed to see the late wife of Ottoman Pasha Yusuf Ziya..
  • Molla Zeyrek Mosque This mosque in Istanbul is a significant monument which is made of two former orthodox churches and a chapel and is located in the Zeyrek district of Istanbul..
  • However there is no evidence but the place is considered to be haunted basis on the belief which localise people have….

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