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11 Beautiful Beaches Near Guruvayur That Will Make Your Trip More Beautiful!

If you want to spend a vacation in a place that is equipped with lush greenery and calmness, then there is no better place than Kerala. Kerala is one of the places which provides par level of serenity and natural view. Once you get here you will crave the scenic beauty which will help you rejuvenate. You will get accompanied by the true sense of being in natural heaven. It helps to shed off all the pressure and hassles of your regular life. Moreover, there is one place known as Guruvayur which is famous for its religious temples and also the surrounding beaches. Though some of the beaches are far from the main town, the journey to these beaches makes it worth it. The beaches near Guruvayur are vibrant in their ways. Some are due to cleanliness others are because of their naturally rich flora and vivid sea life.

11 Beautiful Beaches Near Guruvayur

Below are some of the beaches near Guruvayur which provide some interesting picturesque views. This will enable you to enjoy your stay in Guruvayur.

1. Alappuzha Beach

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This is one of the major spots for tourists all over the Alappuzha town. The additional attractions here on the beach is the Lighthouse. You can reach this beach from any of the roads of the town. You can also take the highway route which gives the natural view of the town. The other recreational activities related to this beach are the Camel safari which has been banned by the local government for the time being. This beach also organizes some of the best events related to the new year. It is an annual event of this place. You can get the sight of thousands of people who attend this event whatsoever.

Distance from Guruvayur: 139 km


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