12 Hair-Raising Water Sports In Dubai For A Vacation Of A Lifetime In 2021

12 hair raising water sports in dubai for a vacation of a lifetime in 2021

Dubai may be synonymous with the Arabian Desert but in recent times it has managed to become a favorite destination for water babies from all over the world! The city with its vast coastline, calm waters of the Arabian Sea, and excellent beach facilities are fast becoming a global water sports destination. One can find a wide variety of water sports in Dubai for adventurers of every stage, beginners and experts alike. Even the water sports prices are affordable and holidaymakers can indulge in them at least once on their Dubai trip.

Here’s a list of the best ones that will leave your mind blown!

Jet Skiing
Speed Boating
Fly Fishing
Water Skiing
Swimming With Dolphins

Image SourceNot too keen on rushing things? Then parasailing in Dubai might just be the perfect water sport for you. In fact, both parasailing and paragliding in Dubai are must-try experiences that you cannot leave without. A parasail is a special parachute that is guided by a boat, it rises with the speed of the boat and floats in the sky giving you panoramic views of the entire city of Dubai…

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