14 Fancy Cafes In Varanasi One Must Explore To Enjoy A Great Time Sipping A Cup Of Coffee With Frien …

14 fancy cafes in varanasi one must explore to enjoy a great time sipping a cup of coffee with friends

Varanasi is one of those places that is completely one of its kind, this place will give you the holy vibes that you would not want to ever miss out on. The best part of Varanasi is not just the ghats, the ganga aarti, the Benarasi sarees, the boat rides, the temples, the sadhus but the spiritual aura that this city has. You might not be able to describe it in words but this is unmissable the moment you keep your feet in Varanasi. It is one of the most religiously significant places in the country. Yet when youngsters visit there, they would want some great cafes to chill in. You must be thinking that when it is about a city like Varanasi, the options would be really limited, then let us tell you that it is not the case. In fact, Varanasi has some of the most amazing cafes that will totally make you day and make you want to never leave this place.

We have got your back as we have carefully researched and made a list of some of the best cafes that you can visit while you are in Varanasi.

This one is a super cute little cozy rooftop cafe that will also give you the view of the river Ganga. The owners who run it are very warm and friendly…

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