14 Varanasi Festivals You Can Attend To Add Those Festive Vibes To Your Trip In 2020

14 varanasi festivals you can attend to add those festive vibes to your trip in 2020

Festivals are some of the best excuses to plan for a vacay. They just add on to the joy and thrill to the trip and make it so much better. India being a diverse country, there are many festivals that are celebrated here. And when we talk about festivals talking about holy cities is unavoidable. Coming to the topic, we have Varanasi as our basis today. Varanasi is one of the holiest places. The pious city is home to many temples, ghats and many other religious places. The wonderful places that you will witness in Varanasi will stay etched in your heart forever. Varanasi has a lot of beautiful temples that will bring you an inch closer to divinity but it is the popular Varanasi festivals that will make you lose yourself in the vibe.

We have made you a list of some of the famous festivals in Varanasi that will totally blow your mind, touch your soul and offer a divine experience that you will never forget.

Ganga Mahotsav is one of the most popular Varanasi festivals. This is believed among the people of Varanasi that the holy river Ganga provides nourishment and life to the entire civilization that have made their homes around the pious river Ganges…

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