15 Places To Visit In Cebu In 2021 For Thrill Seekers & History Buffs!

15 places to visit in cebu in 2021 for thrill seekers history buffs

Cebu, in the Philippines, offers powerful experiences in terms of natural beauty, culture, cuisine, and people. It was the first capital of the Philippines. Needless to say, the place has its place in history and that fact is on display in the dozens of cathedrals, temples, historical monuments, and other places to visit in Cebu. That is not to say that the ocean is not a living part of the city and island’s existence, but it has much more than meets the eye!

Here is a list of the most charming and authentically Filipino places here for your next vacation:

Cebu Heritage Monument
Colon Street
1730 Jesuit House
Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral
Basilica del Santo Nino
Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary
Tops Lookout
Fort San Pedro
Rico’s Lechon
Taoist Temple
Temple Of Leah
Osmeña Peak
Candongao Peak
Kawasan Falls

Image SourceThe Cebu Heritage Monument is a postmodern work of art that depicts the history of the Cebu. The sculptures were built by the Eduardo Castrillo and the monument features all major landmarks of Cebu and the region’s history through the centuries…

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