18 Interesting Things To Do In Meghalaya For A Vacation To Remember In 2021!

18 interesting things to do in meghalaya for a vacation to remember in 2021

18 Awesome Things To Do In Meghalaya For A Memorable Vacay In 2021

Meghalaya is a lovely small hilly state in northeast India which has remained unexplored by the tourists for quite some time. This abode of clouds is a living paradise with its matchless natural beauty and awe inspiring tourists attractions. Meghalaya is blissful state full of ambrosial hills entraning lakes, rapturous valleys, bewildering caves and peerless waterfalls.  Things to do in Meghalaya are plenty that’ll leave you mesmerised! Some of the locations and attractions in the state are renowned internationally. Cherrapunji is one such location – which is popular for being the location which receives highest rainfall in the world. Shillong is the capital of the state and unmatchable in its beauty. Due to its natural scenic beauty – Shillong has been called as the Scotland of the East.

Meghalaya is one of the most beautiful places in India, and the experience it offers is unparalleled. There are a lot of things to do in Meghalaya and they all eagerly wait for your arrival…

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