22 Hot Springs In India Perfect For Your Next Getaway In 2021

22 hot springs in india perfect for your next getaway in 2021

22 Hot Springs In India Perfect For Your Next Getaway In 2021

It’s no surprise that we often find almost no mention of hot springs even in the most talked about travel experiences. So, here we are to break the stereotype by letting you know about some Indian states that boast of some of the most famous hot springs in India located at attractive tourist places.

Heated and brought up to the earth’s surface by geothermal forces, hot water springs are natural features which often take the form of pools, geysers, and fumaroles. These natural hot springs of India contain dissolved chemicals and minerals which are found to be beneficial to the human body and are believed to possess great medicinal values. Medicinal value apart, an experience of immersing yourself in these must-visit hot springs in India is really a great pleasure too.

But wait, before you start chalking out your own plan to bathe in hot springs, do check out our list of 10 states that house some of the most popular hot springs in India.

Not many who travel to Ladakh, know that Ladakh is not just about lifeless mountains and deep gorges…

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