28 Mosques In India That Showcase The Best Of Indo-Islamic Architecture

28 mosques in india that showcase the best of indo islamic architecture

28 Mosques In India That Exhibit The Medieval Architecture

India is a land of natural beauty and man-made magnificence. While natural wonders offer striking sights to travelers, monumental beauties and structural grandeur of temples, monuments, palaces, churches, forts, and mosques in India amuse people from all over the world. 

These imposing structures showcase fine design patterns, stunning architecture, and excellent miniature work. These elements glorify the interiors and exteriors of Indian mosques, most of which belong to the medieval period and certainly are a treat to the eyes.

Let’s glance at some of the fascinating and outstanding mosques in India that boast of immensely mesmerizing structure and decor.

Islamic architecture since the historic period has been known for its intricate art and designs. Some of the best work of their quintessential designs can be seen in the famous mosques across India. These places are highly revered and people from far and wide come to get a glimpse of these marvels…

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