38 Best Places To Visit In Srinagar In 2021 That Should Be A Part Of Your Itinerary

38 best places to visit in srinagar in 2021 that should be a part of your itinerary

Kashmir – the mighty king in the north encompasses the best of lush pastures, tall mountains, dancing rivers, and oozing energy in the air. The land prides itself in being home to almost 12 million people. There are heavenly places to visit in Srinagar, idyllic and concealed in the quietude of the valley, longing to hear your footsteps

soon after the winter snow subsides and nature flourishes under the shining sun yet again.

You’ll find everything here from majestic mosques and blooming gardens from the Mughal era to lakes oozing romance and national parks showcasing the best of Himalayan biodiversity. The best places to visit in Kashmir, well known and lesser known, know how to calm down your wanderlust!

Best Time To Visit Srinagar

Image SourceApril to September is the best time to visit Srinagar. During these months, the temperature remains between 14 – 30 degrees Celsius. Heavy snowfall blocks the mountain passes and makes the valley inaccessible during winters.

38 Best Places To Visit In Srinagar

Wondering what are the best places to visit in Srinagar? With lakes, mountains, Here are some of the top attractions you can explore in this paradisaical city and you’ll know why all nature and history lovers are smitten with its charm!

Nigeen Lake – Enjoy A Shikara Ride
Wular Lake – For Nature Photography Enthusiast
Chatpal – For Nature Enthusiasts
Betaab Valley – A Breathtaking Location
Aru Valley – For Adventure Lovers
Mughal Gardens – A UNESCO World Heritage Site 
Dachigam National Park – Explore The Conserved Wildlife
Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden – A Perfect Picnic Spot
Shankaracharya Temple – An Architectural Marvel
Hazratbal Mosque – The Only Domed Attraction
Awantipora – Fine Architecture And Art
Pari Mahal – An Offbeat Place
Dal Lake – For Splendid Views
Char Chinar – Enjoy The Scenic Charm
Jama Masjid – A Serene Mosque
Nehru Garden – Spectacular Botanical Garden
Chashme Shahi – Enjoy The Serene Waterfalls
Shalimar Bagh – Witness The Horticultural Charm
Challi Point – Relish Delicious Seekh Kebabs
Makhdoom Sahib Shrine – Soak In Good Vibes
Nishat Bagh – The Garden Of Bliss
Yusmarg – A Picture Perfect Point
Hazratbal Shrine – A Sacred Muslim Shrine
Jamia Masjid – A Quaint Mosque
Manasbal Lake – An Enchanting Place
Kashmir Government Arts Emporium – For Kashmiri Culture
Shri Pratap Singh Museum – Preserves Cultural Heritage
Hari Parbat – With Immense Cultural Significance
Lal Chowk – With A Political History
Badam Wari – Nature Lover’s Abode
Pathar Mosque – Depicting Mughal Magnificence
Burzahom Archaeological Site – To Learn Early History
Baramulla – Admire The Bucolic Nature
Khanqah Of Shah Hamdan – For Religious People
Anantnag – Witness The Beauty Of The Place
Sinthan Top – Catch A Bird’s-Eye View
Kathi Darwaza – Praise The Mughal Architecture
Floating Vegetable Market – Unique Site To Visit


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