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43 Fascinating Tourist Places To Visit In Cochin In 2021 For A Fun-Filled Vacay

For those who wish to explore the real treasures of Kerala, here we go with the list of places to visit in Cochin. Beaches and backwaters, tea plantations and spice estates, hot steaming appams with stew and vibrant Kathakali performances – these and much more epitomize the God’s Own Country, Kerala on the global tourism map. However, Cochin stands out. Cochin has an altogether different signature – history and tradition woven together with modernization. The places to visit in Cochin, especially the best ones, are absolutely captivating, and sure to leave you with a bag full of beautiful memories and aspirations.

Before starting with the list, let’s share a brief history of Kochi, previously and more popularly known as Cochin. It is an important port of south-west coast of India and was once a significant spice trading hub. If we go back to history, we see Greek, Roman, Portuguese, Arabic and Jewish settlements in Cochin for trade and commerce purposes. 

Top 43 Places To Visit In Cochin

Are you planning to visit Kochi? Today, Cochin stands as an important city and tourist place in Kerala. It is also popular with tourists heading South for a religious tour…

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