$499 for super-rare Qantas flight

499 for super rare qantas flight

Moongazers will have the best possible view of the upcoming supermoon on a one-off Qantas scenic flight later this month.

Tickets will go on sale tomorrow for a three-hour night flight on Wednesday, May 26, which is designed to give passengers the clearest possible view of the special lunar event.

Not only will the supermoon on May 26 be the second and last for 2021, it will also coincide with a full lunar eclipse, creating a rare double phenomenon that will cast the moon a bright shade of red against the night sky.

A Boeing Dreamliner will take off from Sydney Airport and climb to a cruising altitude of 43,000 feet, well above any clouds and away from the city’s light pollution.

Qantas pilots have worked with the CSIRO to develop the optimal flight path over the Pacific Ocean to catch the supermoon in all its glory.

The flight will be piloted by Qantas’ 787 fleet technical manager, Captain Alex Passerini.

“That moon is 240,000 miles [384,000km] away but we’ll be about 12km closer to it, at about 40,000 feet,” he said.

“We’re working with the CSIRO to develop a flight plan that will give us the best viewing, making sure we get those times right for exactly when the lunar eclipse is going to be at its peak, so we can afford everyone on board the best possible view while that’s happening…

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