5 Types Of Offbeat Stays In Himachal You’ve Been Missing All This While

5 types of offbeat stays in himachal youve been missing all this while

For adventurous urban population, Himachal is about paragliding, trekking, rafting, camping, skiing, and similar experiences. But to feel the beat of this beautiful state you need stay here. It’s time we ditch hotels and resorts, and for once look at different kinds of offbeat stays in Himachal.

If you’d be as excited about low-on-amenities kind of offbeat stays in Himachal as about a plush secret hideout, this is a going to be a good read! For we have unconventional accommodation for travelers and ardent explorers as well. And the good part is, the list sees beyond homestays in Manali and heritage hotels in Shimla!

A traditional Himachali house in a Kullu with a beautiful view

For the community of wanderlusts, idea of travel isn’t restricted to visiting top attractions of a destination. Ticking destinations off the map doesn’t define them. They look for experiences that can be cherished lifelong. They want vacations – a lot of them – that allow insights into life, culture, and traditions of the mountains.

Turning vacations into enriching experiences lies largely on your choice of stay (one of the factors)…

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