5 Unexpected Camera Gifts For Any Photographer

5 unexpected camera gifts for any photographer

It doesn’t matter if they shoot their photos with a smartphone or a Hasselblad, photographers from hobbyists to pros are always looking for ways to take better or more interesting photos. So this list isn’t about finding the perfect lens or tripod, chances are they’ll have a better idea what they want on that front.

Instead, this is a list of cool cameras and gadgets that will let them get even more creative. The photos and videos possible with several of the cameras on this list just aren’t possible with a traditional camera or smartphone.

Insta360 One X2

The One X2 is the best 360 camera going right now. It shoots 360 spherical videos and photos. These can be posted as-is, sure, but thanks to Insta360’s excellent app, they can be reframed with ease to create unique, highly stabilized, traditional videos that can be posted anywhere. It’s these reframed videos that are the real magic.

The One X2 is the successor to the 360 camera I’ve traveled with for years. It’s compact, easily pocketable, and far more rugged than its predecessor. Also check out the GoPro Max as another option.

You can learn more about 360 cameras I general here:

Kandao QooCam Fun

If you think the photographer on your gift list would like a 360 camera, but the One X2 is out of your price range, the QooCam Fun is the same basic idea as the X2, but for only $170. It’s not quite as high resolution, nor as well stabilized, but it’s still quite good.


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