6 Best Waterfalls In Gujarat For A Super Cool 2021 Vacation!

6 best waterfalls in gujarat for a super cool 2021 vacation

The westernmost state of India, Gujarat, is home to some of the most interesting and unique places. From exploring the traces left behind from the Indus Valley civilization in Dholavira and Lothal to the spectacularly glaring white salt marshland of Rann of Kutch. However, the cascading waterfalls in Gujarat are nature’s gift to the visitors. Gujarat has an impressive collection of waterfalls, owing to the nature of its landmass, which is coupled up with lush green, thieving surrounding. A visit to these serene and picturesque waterfalls will put all your stress at bay.

Are you planning on a visit to Gujarat? Then these beautiful waterfalls in Gujarat should positively be visited.

Situated at a comfortable distance of 5 km from the town at Waghai this splendid looking, rustle waterfalls are set within one of the greens covering in Gujarat. This waterfall naturally and marvelously into Ambica River and is open for visitation all over the year and can also easily get into. There are a few stalls located around the waterfall where the tribal artists sell their traditional arts and handicrafts. This waterfall in Gujarat is acknowledged as Gira Dhodh this is one of the utmost popular waterfalls in Gujarat…

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