6 Things To Do In New Orleans That Make It The Coolest City In Louisiana

6 things to do in new orleans that make it the coolest city in louisiana

New Orleans – a three-century-old city deeply rooted in its culture while it so beautifully embraces everything that is new. It is a city that has preserved every bit of its past and takes it along in its journey to become a millennial city and one of the most sought-after world tourist destination. If you have not been to New Orleans, you haven’t really seen the world enough.

When it comes to traveling, we talk about two things – places to visit and things to do. Visiting places will give you some glimpses of the place you visit. However, most of it gives you a rather superficial feel. Instead, if you get to involve into some activity, be a part of it, it will help you to experience the place and give you moments that will remain etched in your heart all through your life. Not all tourist spots give you such experience. But, New Orleans does. So let us see the things to do in New Orleans that will add a completely new dimension to your trip.

Top things to do in New Orleans that you must try
1. Attend the Jazz & Heritage Festival

New Orleans is the birthplace of the famous American music – Jazz. Jazz music is an integral part of the culture of this city and will take you very close to its roots…

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