6 ways to fight litter and plastic waste that don’t feel like a chore

6 ways to fight litter and plastic waste that dont feel like a chore

Seeing marine litter floating in our oceans isn’t just ugly, it poses a huge threat to wildlife – damaging coral reefs, entangling mammals and harming our ocean ecosystems.

In an effort to continue the fight against plastic, campaigners Surfers Against Sewage are launching a ‘million mile beach clean’ in the hopes of inspiring 100,000 people to clean up their local beach, river, street or green space.

If you’re keen to roll up your sleeves and get involved, there are ways to make handling other people’s discarded trash less of an irritating job…

1. Do a two minute clean whenever you arrive somewhere

As the saying goes, every little helps. You don’t have to be on a mammoth litter pick to make a difference to your local area. Instead, set a two minute timer and speedily pick up any rogue bits of litter you see when you arrive at a beach or beauty spot. Make sure to carry thick gardening gloves with you, as they’ll protect your hands from dirty or sharp objects.

Children love getting involved in litter picking, especially if you turn it into a game. You could set a challenge to see who can collect the most amount of litter in a short space of time…

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