7 Amazing Tourist Places Near Chitrakoot Falls You Should Definitely Explore

7 amazing tourist places near chitrakoot falls you should definitely explore

Chitrakoot Falls, popularly known as the Niagra falls of India is truly a spectacle to behold. One of the largest and most powerful waterfalls in the country, the Chitrakoot Waterfall is one of the most noteworthy attractions in the city of Jagdalpur. There are however, a number of other interesting things to do in the city that will leave you just as mesmerised as the Chitrakoot Falls. There are a number of tourist places near Chitrakoot Falls that are worth exploring owing to their picturesqueness and cultural significance.

If you’re visiting (or in) Chitrakoot, have already paid a visit to the falls, here are a few other tourist places near Chitrakoot Falls:

Established in 1982, the young national park of Kanger Valley is an absolute delight for the nature lovers. The national park is less than a couple hour long drive from the falls and make for a perfect day-long getaway for those that have the luxury of time.

Since the national park isn’t exactly a mainstream destination, it does not attract a lot of crowds. The quiet atmosphere of the park also makes it one of the best tourist places near Chitrakoot Falls for couples…

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