7 Places To Visit Near Abbotsford In 2020 That Should Be On Your Canada Itinerary

7 places to visit near abbotsford in 2020 that should be on your canada itinerary

The fifth-largest city of British Columbia, Canada, Abbotsford is known for its diversity in nature and wildlife. Once you are in this city, you will find rich culture, huge white mountains, and lush greenery everywhere. This is another reason why this place in Canada has the highest record of outdoor activities. For traveler’s rejoice, it is not the only city in British Columbia that offer amazing experiences. After you have done visiting Abbotsford, you can always check the places to visit near Abbotsford that are equally, if not more, interesting. Every city in British Columbia is unique and offers something different. Your British Columbia tour will only be complete when you visit these places.

7 Places To Visit Near Abbotsford

Here are the best places to visit near Abbotsford that you may include in your itinerary after you have enjoyed sightseeing in this city.

1. Vancouver – 71.2 Km From Abbotsford2. Victoria – 159.9 Km From Abbotsford3. Whistler – 190.2 Km From Abbotsford4. Nanaimo – 150.9 Km From Abbotsford5. Burnaby – 59 Km From Abbotsford6. Westminster – 54.6 Km From Abbotsford7. Chilliwack – 34.3 Km From Abbotsford

1. Vancouver

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One of the best places to visit near Abbotsford, Vancouver is known for its snow-capped mountains and cultural scenes. It is one of the most diverse cities in Canada where you will find a thriving arts and theatre scenes. The other reason why you should visit this place is fresh seafood. Being a busy seaport in British Columbia, there is never a shortage of fresh shrimp, salmon, and prawns. With lofty mountains in the backdrop and sea in the front and sun shining over, Vancouver is truly gorgeous.

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