8 romantic things to do in south-east Sicily

8 romantic things to do in south east sicily

Today we will take you to South-eastern Sicily. Thanks to its flavors and colors, the region lends itself to wonderful love stories and legends over time. Here we recommend some romantic spots – and pots – in south-eastern Sicily for you to discover with your loved ones.

Sicilian art is full of romantic stories and particularly in the so-called Teste di Moro, ceramic vases depicting the head of a Moor and a beautiful Sicilian woman. Have you ever seen them before? The legend says that around the year 1100 D.C. a beautiful girl from Palermo lived locked up in the house taking care of the plants on her balcony and one day, she was seen by a young Moor who fell in love with her. However, the Moor had a family in his homeland and when he revealed this news to the girl, of course she got angry and she decided to take revenge by cutting off his head which she used as a pot for one of her plants.

The balcony became very beautiful and all the neighbors stared at her balcony wanting the same vases she had. That’s the legend behind how Teste di Moro were created and how, after so many decades, they have become glamour pieces that you can buy in one of the many artisan ceramic shops you will find almost everywhere in Sicily…

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