9 in 10 Spaniards Would Use Digital Health Passport to Travel

9 in 10 spaniards would use digital health passport to travel

9 in 10 Spaniards Would use Digital Health Passport to Travel.
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A survey revealed that nine out of 10 Spaniards would use digital health passports to travel.

NINE out of 10 Spaniards said in a survey that they would use digital health passports to travel, while seven in 10 said that they would store their health data digitally if it meant less interaction with people and quicker passage through airports.

The survey was commissioned by the travel booking group Amadeus and highlighted Spanish participants’ willingness to use digital health technology following the Covid pandemic, as well as collecting information on their concerns about how, when and with whom the personal information will be shared.

More than 35 per cent of participants were concerned about their health information being hacked and lack of transparency or control over where the information would be shared.

Amadeus announced in March that it would deploy a new feature that allows people to upload documents such as Covid certificates and PCR test results within the firm’s platform for storing data.

As the travel industry looks for ways to get flights running again and with the upcoming summer dependent on tourism in many places, there is an increasing call for sharing traveller health data and making mobility more flexible…

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