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A First Timer’s Guide To Nobu Restaurants

The casual, relaxed atmosphere of Nobu Miami. Nobu, a Michelin-star restaurant, is known for its … [+] laid-back attitude.

Nobu Miami

The pandemic has forced everyone to stay put this year, leaving travelers with an unsatisfied urge to experience something new in 2020. People around the globe are getting creative, finding ways to get out and about without traveling too far from home.

One interesting approach is to take some of your saved travel funds and put them towards a special-occasion-type experience, perhaps a private tour of a local museum, or having a private chef come into your home.

Or, maybe you could try that special restaurant you’ve been eyeing (within the safety protocols of your area, of course). Here in Miami, there are many restaurants that fit that bill, although few come with the backstory and prestige of Nobu Miami.

A world-wide brand known for adapting to its location, Nobu is a prime candidate for a special night on the town. So what can you expect, and what should you know before going to get the most out of it? Below, we put together a first-timers guide to Nobu Miami to help you navigate the experience.

Who/What is Nobu?

The original Nobu restaurant debuted in New York City in 1994 as a partnership between Nobu Matsuhisha, from whom the brand takes its name, and a guy by the name of Robert De Niro. Matsuhisha, originally from Japan, worked in Peru and Argentina before coming to the States.


Nobu Matsuhisha started Nobu Restaurants with help from Robert De Niro back in 1994.

Nobu Miami

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