A renowned wine touring region that welcomes kids

a renowned wine touring region that welcomes kids scaled

Wine touring has traditionally been for adults only, but that may be changing.

Western Australia is at the forefront of a small but growing trend to turn wine touring into a travel activity the whole family can enjoy. Though international travelers aren’t allowed to enter Australia right now, the distribution of effective Covid-19 vaccines may change that in 2021. In the meantime, Australian families can enjoy one of country’s most up-and-coming wine regions all to themselves.

Whether it’s the proximity to the beach or casual Aussie vibe, the wineries of Margaret River don’t just allow children, they encourage them to come with playgrounds and food made specifically for preschool palates.

Family-friendly wineries

In 2019, Swings & Roundabouts went through a major renovation that included installing a new playground made out of old wine barrels.

“We are laid back, approachable and very family-friendly,” said the winery’s sales manager Amanda Keady. “We welcome people straight off the beach with wet hair and sand on their toes!” 

Keady said dogs are also welcome at the winery’s restaurant and “cellar door” — a term commonly used in Australia to describe an area where wine is served.

Swings & Roundabouts’s wine barrel playground.

Kelly Harwood Photography

Leeuwin Estate, one of the more well-known wineries in the area, has a restaurant, tasting room and art gallery with works by Australian artists that also appear on its “Art Series” wine labels. Even with this level of sophistication, the estate welcomes kids to play on its rolling lawns.

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