A Santo Domingo Slow-Life Retreat On A Restored Historic Property

a santo domingo slow life retreat on a restored historic property

View of the pool beneath 16th-century arches at Fixie Lofts in Santo Domingo.

Courtesy Fixie Lofts

Take a visit to Santo Domingo and you’ll notice one primary mode of transportation: bicycles. The best way to travel the ocean shore and Colonial District, bikes fit naturally into the Dominican lifestyle. But here, they’re different. Called “fixies,” the bikes are restored from classic designs. Inspired by this same sentiment of taking something old, preserving certain elements, and making it new, husband-and-wife duo José Luis Mejías and Meyling Wetto took a historic building built in 1503—believed to be the first hospital in the Americas and UNESCO World Heritage Site—and transformed into a luxury retreat, Fixie Lofts. 

Courtesy Fixie Lofts

“The name honors the culture of classic restored bikes (called ‘fixies’),” the couple says, “We love how those young designers take a vintage frame from the trash and transform it on something fresh, sustainable, and sexy. A humble ‘fixie’ bike is similar to what was attempted with this building: maximum beauty and efficiency with minimal resources.” When the couple purchased the property, there were no floors or solid walls…

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