Airline introduces outrageous new charge


They’re one of the most profitable airlines in the world, and with this new charge set to be rolled out in 2021 – EasyJet is set to get a little richer.

In February, the budget airline will start charging all customers a fee of almost $50 to use the overhead luggage compartments on all of its flights.

While passengers will be allowed to bring one free bag on board, anything that cannot fit under the seat in front of them will be charged $47 to use the overhead bin.

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Currently, the airline allows all passengers to bring on a suitcase measuring 56cm x 45cm x 25cm, with no weight limit – one of the only airlines to offer this.

From next year, however, this will be reduced to 45cm x 36cm x 20cm.

The budget airline is calling the new introduction their ‘Hands Free’ policy, telling customers the new rule was because of the “limited overhead locker space on aircraft has meant that customers can’t always be certain they will have their cabin bag on-board with them”.

“The new policy will also reduce queue times during boarding and other associated delays which occur due to putting excess cabin bags in the hold and so the move will lead to improved punctuality for all customers,” EasyJet said in a statement.

Some social media users said the announcement was a “rip off”, with some saying they were annoyed that after paying for flights they will now need to fork out for baggage in the overhead compartment.

“You state that carry-on bags must be placed under the seat in front. What clown came up with this idea?” one person wrote.

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