Alaska Way Off The Beaten Path With ROAM Adventures

alaska way off the beaten path with roam adventures

Ona flightseeing excursion from Ultima Thule and ROAM Adventures.

Ultima Thule

For many visitors, Alaska is a blur, typically glimpsed from the deck of a cruise ship or perhaps a sightseeing train. The real Alaska, the largest state in the Union, a vast place that redefines the term “wilderness,” is rarely experienced. That’s even truer during Covid-19 times when there are limited ways to visit the 49th state. Most cruise companies, for example, have canceled plans to sail in Alaskan waters in 2021.

However, for a privileged few, there’s a chance to make it happen this year. The new Alaskan Lodge & Flying Adventure from ROAM Adventures is one way to get well off the beaten path and into the glorious back of beyond.

ROAM Adventures is a Canadian company that’s been around for more than three decades (ROAM is Rivers, Oceans, and Mountains) and is helmed by Brian McCutcheon, well-known in the adventure community for his forward-thinking adventure trips.

His Alaskan Lodge & Flying Adventure is a classic, a remote wilderness getaway that offers serious creature comforts, a true antidote for anyone suffering from pandemic cabin fever…

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