Americans are hitting the road to get vaccinated

americans are hitting the road to get vaccinated

As I headed south on Interstate 55 in central Illinois recently, windshield wipers slap-tapping against a heavy rain, an overhead sign blared a warning in all-caps golden neon letters. “Pay Attention,” it said, “You Never Know What Is Ahead.”

Fitting, I thought. By driving 169 miles from my home in suburban Chicago to a downstate CVS Pharmacy for my first coronavirus vaccination, I was investing seven hours of a workday to protect myself from what may be ahead. As a 62-year-old with preexisting conditions, I had decided to take a one-day “vaccication.”

One year into the pandemic, Americans are focused on travel precautions, vaccine passports and securing vaccination appointments. While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released new travel guidelines saying it is safe for fully vaccinated people to travel domestically, the paradox is that some unvaccinated Americans are traveling during the pandemic to get a vaccination — giving new meaning to the label covid long-hauler.

According to a recent study by West Health Policy Center, which focuses on seniors’ health care, and the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy, vaccination distribution and availability across the country varies widely…

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