America’s ‘Do Not Travel’ List Quadrupled Yesterday; Here’s What You Need To Know

americas do not travel list quadrupled yesterday heres what you need to know

Canada is among more than 100 countries that were added to the State Department’s “Do Not Travel” … [+] list.


Over the last few months, as the number of people being vaccinated against COVID-19 in the United States has continued to climb upwards, there’s been an optimism within the travel industry that things could find some semblance of normalcy later this summer.

Within the United States, this may very well end up being true. Many of our country’s major tourism destinations – like the Florida Keys, Vegas, and Hawaii, for example – are showing progress and increasing demand.

Unabated travel to destinations outside our border may take a little longer, however.

Over the past two days, the U.S. Government offered sobering advice and warnings against out-of-country travel. Here’s what you need to know about the latest round of announcements and travel updates:

More than 100 countries were added to the “Do Not Travel” list.

Go ahead and check out this eye-popping list, which includes most of Europe and Central and South America.

Even Canada, who was once thought to have COVID-19 under control as good as anyone, is now on the “Do Not Travel” list due to its current outbreak and lack of vaccination progress…

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